Thursday, August 16, 2012

So...You DO know my Password

Lies and lessons can be combustible.  Just ask Zachary Sheeley of Salt Lake City.  Or more to the point, ask his wife.

According to court documents, Mrs. Sheeley was thumbing through the video gallery of her husband's cell phone when she came across, what they call in the world of porn, "Upskirts."  A series of videos shot up the skirts and dresses of unsuspecting women as they change clothes in a changing room or as they sit casually eating lunch.

Many times these videos are shot by anonymous men (or women) and distributed to other anonymous men (or women) on anonymous websites that you can find on the internet, but to Mrs. Sheeley's surprise, these videos where taken at a local Wal-Mart, and a Mexican restaurant, just a few blocks away from where the couple was living.

But likely more crushing to her, was the fact that, according to the charging documents, Mrs. Sheeley's own husband, was the one, according to police, who was aiming and recording these awkward, grainy images.

Mrs. Sheeley, in her stunned rage lashes out, as you might imagine.  She may have confronted her husband about his alleged hobby, "tearing him a new one," as the kids might say, but we don't know that for sure.  What we do know is, she called up police and turned the videos over to them.  Her husband Zachary was charged with 4 counts of voyeurism, and 4 counts of attempted voyeurism.

It prompts the question:  What motivated her to call police instead of simply raging against a husband with a disturbing fetish.

was something else brewing under the surface of this marriage?

Are we looking at a married so broken that Mrs. Sheeley, at her wit's end, was willing and secretly aching for her husband to be "stuffed and cuffed."

Did she hate her husband so much, that she relished the idea of him sitting nervously, shamefully, for his mugshot.  A mugshot that  would be taken and distributed on a number websites who feature EVERY criminals picture taken everyday in the state of Utah.

Was she exstatic when she saw my story with the headline, "Salt Lake Man Arrested on 4 Counts of Voyeurism," lead the 10 pm newscast on 2 News.

Or did she think, a call  to the police department would help, "scare him straight?"  Did she think the police would give him a firm, "talking too?"  Did she think police would shake their finger at Zach and leave him with a forceful warning, "If you do this again, there will be real trouble," then place their caps upon their hats and jump into their black and white, and go out and arrest "real" criminals?

Is it possible that she didn't realize that when you call the police you start up a mammoth, faceless, creaking machine.  A machine that isn't in the business of teaching lessons, or shaking fingers, its in the business of processing.  The legal system is like a giant wind up clock.  Once you turn the knob,  you engage the inner working of that time piece, the pendulum, gear train and escapements all engage.   The clock's job is to keep the time, not care about it, or how it ages us, deteriorates buildings or how it slowly changes landscapes.

The legal system is a machine as well.  Once you call the police, the process has started, the gear train begins spinning on, and there is very little that can be done to stop it.

We don't know what motivated Sheeley's wife to call police, maybe she felt there needed to be justice for those women, maybe she simply despised her husband so much that she couldn't live without the idea that he was behind bars, or maybe she just thought she would teach him a lesson.  If that is the case, they both learned a very difficult, stark lesson indeed.


  1. This is zachary sheeley. Turns out the whole thing was a lie set up between her and the poliece officer she was cheating with and the whole case got thrown out on a bail hearing and the cop is a cop no more!!

  2. So much of this story is wrong. Get your facts straight next time...